Which Is Better Fabric Cotton or Linen

When it comes to clothes, people become very subjective. There is a wide range of fabric types, colors, quality and style available in the market which you can pick as per your choice. Here, we are going to talk about two of the most popular and common fabrics in the market which are “Cotton” and “Linen”. Many people get confused between these two fabrics and even they have doubt that which one is best for them. So, this article is an attempt to draw a comparison between both fabrics to clear your all doubts and it will help you to decide which one can be the best pick for you.

》What is Cotton?

Cotton is very popular and one of the most common fabrics that is used around the world. It comes from the fibers which surround the seeds of the cotton plants. The cotton seeds become soft and furry when they get matured and ready to be collected. These fibers are collected, gathered and then turned into a fabric by following several steps which include defoliation, machine harvesting, separating, transferring, carding, spinning, dyeing and finally weaving. Cotton is considered one of the earliest fabrics. Some historical evidence suggests that cotton had been in existence for thousands of years ago. 

》What are the benefits of cotton?

There are some important features of cotton which makes it an ideal fabric to use for different purposes. The major benefits of cotton are as follows:-

▪︎Cotton is very thin and lightweight which makes it an ideal fabric to wear in the summer season. It soaks up the sweat and allows the heat to escape our bodies.

▪︎Cotton is a very soft material so if you don’t like clothes that are stiff and may feel itchy to your skin then cotton is the best pick for you will find it very comfortable and breathable.

▪︎One of the major advantages of cotton is that you don’t have to struggle to find it as it can be easily found in the local market. In addition, cotton clothes are also very budget-friendly.

▪︎Cotton comes in a very wide range of colors and quality. So, you have tremendous options available to pick the fabrics as per your choice. Moreover, cotton is one of the most favorable materials for fashionable and desirable clothes.

▪︎There are no chemical substances involved in the production of cotton fabric which makes it pure organic and eco-friendly. 

》What are the drawbacks of Cotton?

Undoubtedly, cotton has numerous benefits but there are some minor drawbacks of this fabric which are as below:-

▪︎As cotton soaks up the sweat very quickly but if you are sweating a lot then it can absorb the moisture as well and it can become heavy. It won’t be an ideal fabric to wear during the rainy season.

▪︎If you wear light colors of cotton shirts then the wet portions are easily visible to others while sweating. It doesn’t look nice sometimes and can make you feel embarrassed.

▪︎Another problem with cotton is that it gets wet quickly but it doesn’t dry that fast. So, if your shirt made of pure cotton has got wet then it will take some time to get dried completely.

》What is Linen?

Linen is also one of the oldest forms of fabric as cotton and it is estimated that people have been using it for more than 30,000 years. Linen is made of fibers derived from flax plants these plants can be easily grown in moist soil so the linen is also produced at a very large scale and it’s easily available. However, Linen has some distinct features which make it slightly different from its cotton counterparts.

》What are the benefits of Linen?

There are numerous benefits associated with the usage of Linen fabric which is described as follows along with its side-by-side comparison with the cotton fabric.

▪︎The Linen is more strong and durable as compared to cotton so it can be a good choice for long-term use or if you need a rugged fabric. The cotton is more soft and thin so it won’t be an ideal option to go for if you require a rough & tough material and Linen will be the ultimate option for you.

▪︎The Linen can absorb the sweat quickly as well as it can get dried in very little time if we compare it with the cotton which takes more time. Hence, it could be a perfect choice to wear during the summer season.

▪︎The Linen fabric has a sort of crispiness in the beginning when it’s new but by the passage of time, it becomes softer if we use and wash it. Usually, people buy the Linen fabric to use it for a longer period.

▪︎It doesn’t lose its textures even after being washed multiple times, unlike the cotton which is not able to retain its texture for a longer period and gets faded.

》What are the drawbacks of Linen?

Linen is a very good fabric and it has some advantageous characteristics but there are some downsides of this fabric which are as follows:-

▪︎The strong and durable nature of the Linen also makes it slightly heavier, thicker and stiff as compared to cotton. So, many people may prefer cotton over Linen for this reason because they find cotton more comfortable and breathable to wear in a hot climate.

▪︎The Linen fabric gets wrinkles very often. However, some people see it as a cool feature of the Linen as they find it attractive but sometimes it doesn’t appear good especially if we talk about wearing uniforms or formal clothes. 

▪︎The fabrics made of Linen could be slightly more expensive as compared to the cotton counterparts which are far more affordable. Sometimes, this difference is relatively high if you are looking for the best quality Linen fabric which comes from some European regions.

Hence, you can feel the difference between Cotton and Linen. Both fabrics are good in their own ways and you can select the suitable fabric by comparing the pros and cons of these fabrics as per your need. Place the order with Fabcurate using coupon code DBOOKMARK10 for amazing offers. 

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