No Socks With UGG Boots

UGG boots are known for their unique manufacturing process and finest sheepskin material. UGG boots usually have fine-grained texture and have an iconically stylish look. Acquiring brand new UGG boots is something like a heavenly treat and when you put your feet in it for the first time, it feels like you are on clouds. We all can relate with at least one thing that we love the most and somehow when it breaks or gets damaged, it really does not feel good.

Specifically, talking about UGG boots, it can easily show the signs of wear and use if not maintained properly or taken care of. And nobody wants to feel like a slouch with watery stains on the boots making it look dirty and shabby. Now, the question is, how to keep your boots fresh as new. Let’s discover some tips and tricks to rejuvenate your favorite UGG fashion.

Tips and tricks to keep your UGG Boots fresh as new

The simplest way to maintain boots is to use special care and clean UGG products. Along with that, follow these dos and don’ts.

Washing UGG Boots: You should not wash UGG footwear in a washing machine because the excess of moisture can damage their texture. Instead, use a sponge or a clean cloth(that should not leave any residual fabric particles), dip it in clean cold water, and rub it all over the boots. Avoid using colored cloth for cleaning. Else you can use the suede brush with an eraser. If you want to use a brush, gently move on the surface of the boots. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach for cleaning. This tips can also be implemented for kids UGG boots.

Washing UGG Boots

Drying UGG Boots: Don’t use direct heat or sunlight and let UGG boots dry naturally in a ventilated area. Don’t soak in a machine, it can give patchy water stains. Use approved cleaning spray and conditioner: Use of harsh detergents can harm and cause patchy discoloration to the boots, instead use approved shampoo to maintain your UGG boots.

Try to UGG Boots Dry: Use UGG Shoe Renew deodorize to prevent odor and let it dry before wearing them on.

Drying UGG Boots

No Socks With UGG Boots: UGG boots have the utmost capability to keep your feet warm and comfortable in chilly winter. There is a conflict in wearing socks with UGG boots or not. Wearing socks with boots is preferred by the majority of people. However, avoid anything that can worsen the sweat factor and make it smell bad. However, your comfort is more important and you can use baby powder to combat light sweating. Else if you want, wear high-quality cotton socks.

No Socks With UGG Boots

Don’t Pull The Loose Threads: Pulling out the loose threads can cause them to fall apart and damage their suede texture. To snip the loose threads, use a scissor to do this in a cleaner way. Scissors can be used to maintain the loose threads safely. This will help you keep your UGG mens slippers safe.

You can follow these simple tricks to protect your UGG boots and keep them as new. These boots will stay for years if being kept with care and protect them from harmful elements.

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