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The Top 10 Twitter Fails You Must Avoid - Dbookmark
Twitter Fails You Must Avoid

It’s time to face an important fact – Twitter isn’t a fad. If grandmothers are tweeting about fist pumping and Ke$ha, it is official that the adoption laggards have been infected by Twitter.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But, as more people embrace Twitter, more bad Twitter habits are forming. I know there are responsible Tweeters out there, but be cautious. Even the SEO aware Tweeters can fall into a Twitter #FAIL trap.

So, Tweeps, think before you Tweet and avoid the following 10 Twitter fails that lurk around every corner and find too Digital Marketing Company Name Ideas

  1. Auto Replying to EVERYTHING
    You may think that auto-replying to follows is a great marketing idea, but let me topple that house of cards right now – it isn’t. It is a spam tactic that annoys more than it enlightens, no matter how inspiring you think your company’s e-book about parliamentary procedure is.
  2. Being Obscure About Yourself and Your Company
    Saying that you analyse analysis and engage in social media enhancements and optimizations that guide company values through various mediums… doesn’t mean anything. Be concise about what your company is. And, for the love of Twitter, make sense.
  3. Inside Jokes or Obscure References
    If a tweet is going to make your frat house buddies from college high-five and crush beer cans on their heads, don’t Tweet it. It’s okay to have a personality and a sense of humor, but you should always provide value to 99.9% of your followers.
  4. Mentioning a Great Resource… Without Linking to It
    Awesome! You’re fulfilling your Twitter dream and you’re talking about great resources your followers would love. The only catch is that you need to make sure you LINK to it. And if the link is broken, you’re just insulting the Twitter gods. Make sure to check every link that you post to ensure that it is working.
  5. Not Branding Your Twitter
    Do your Twitter profile a favor and brand it. Make it different from all of the other profiles out there by putting your company’s logo (and some tasteful graphic designs) in the background. It will improve the theme of your profile and make YOU more memorable. Everyone is using the blue twitter background with the tree branch. It’s old news.
  6. Posting 10+ Messages in a Row
    Twitter is a social networking tool. Part of being social is acting like a human being. So, don’t post more than 10 times in a row (or 5 if you can swing it). It’ll make your company (or yourself) look like a spam-tastic robot that doesn’t deserve any attention from followers.
  7. Following More than 1,000 People in an Hour
    Deciding to follow someone on Twitter should be an informed decision – not something that is done en masse. That’s why following a small country’s population on Twitter overnight seems fake. Take your time and learn who you are following! You will be one of their Tweeps and will be receiving daily updates. So don’t follow @LovingTheRecession if you don’t mean it.
    7.5 Cleanse Your Twitter List
    On that note, you should also make sure to clean out the list of people you follow as often as you can. Sometimes the purges are necessary, even if they seem cruel. It might have sounded great to follow @DeepakChopra back when you thought you should be enlightened. But, apparently he does nothing but tweet 42 times a day instead of offering tidbits of wisdom. A clean list is a non-frustrating list.
  8. Posting Too Many Tweets about Your Hangover and/or Cat
    Sometimes it’s funny to complain about how your Russian neighbor listens to some awful techno music at 3a. However, most of the time it’s just obnoxious and unnecessary. Keep the random, pointless tweets to a minimum.
  9. Conducting Business Networking and Swearing at the Same Time
    Even if it’s not necessarily at your business connections, using inappropriate language will make your colleagues and connections not take you seriously. If you have to stop and think about whether or not it’s offensive – just don’t tweet it!
  10. Over-Abbreviating
    Rule of thumb: If you type out 50 characters without a single vowel, something is wrong. Abbreviate when necessary, but know that the majority of the Internet is behind on 1337 speak. The fact that you probably don’t know what that means only proves the point.

So the moral of the story, Tweeps, is use common sense. Twitter is a public forum and whatever you put online will be taken seriously. Even if it’s less than 140 characters.

Facebook and Twitter Drama!

As many in the Twitter community know, the social micro-blogging site announced plans yesterday for a new ‘Find Friends’ feature. It will allow users to easily find their Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections on Twitter. 

Users will be able to instantly follow their friends on Twitter and add them to a list without having to exhaustively search for them. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, it was until Facebook decided to block it! It has been discovered that Facebook intentionally blocked the feature and is in a similar battle with another.

Power com is a site that aggregates the social networks of users into one spot making it easier to manage multiple profiles and friends. However, Facebook considers this a copyright violation (according to their terms of service) and is suing for hacking. Twitter is attempting to do the same thing with this new search feature, so the question is: will Facebook sue Twitter?

Are you interested in writing your tween in Bengali Language? Then make use of Bangla Word software to write in Bengali.

In my opinion, if Facebook wants to remain a favorite among social network users it needs to unblock this new Twitter feature. Otherwise, Facebook runs the risk of losing more users like it has in recent months due to the debate over user privacy. I think that Facebook is overstepping its boundaries on this one…I mean it is my information after all and if I want that to be given to Twitter, it should be my choice.

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