The Role of Dryer Vent Cleaning for A Stable Temperature

When homeowners plan their tasks, dryer vent cleaning is not kept a priority by many. Although it is not something that is done very frequently, ignoring can have major impacts. The dryer functions by sucking the air through a big hole, processing it, and circulating it across the machine. The heated air that dries up the clothes needs an escape. Hence, the machine is designed with an exhaust vent that allows air to escape and maintain a stable temperature

The issue is that your lint sucker cannot filter every single particle that passes through the dryer. This incapacity can lead to lint accumulation in your exhaust canal and vent. In this situation, air starts getting trapped and becomes a source of hazards. 

Problems Caused by Blocked Vents

When the vent is blocked, and the air is unable to escape, it can lead to serious issues. The problems vary from repairs to replacement of your dryer components. Some of the common issues include:

House Fires

Blocked vents can initiate house fires. The lint accumulation blocks the heat escape. Lint is flammable, and when it comes in contact with heat, it can lead to a fire. These are the extreme consequences of a lint build-up in the dryer, which people fail to realize. As per the USA Fire Administration and Homeland Security, more than 40 dryers each day catchup fire in the state. Hence, basic cleaning can reduce the risk and leave your dryer in good condition for at least a year (provided dryer is occasionally used). 

Carbon Monoxide Build-up 

One of the damaging things formed when the heat is generated from your dryer is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an unscented, colourless gas that is toxic for health (when inhaled). This is a key issue with fuel-powered heating systems. You must observe that if your dryer exhaust canal is not forcing out air after the cycle, carbon monoxide is likely to hunt the indoor environment. This is destructive for health and can cause illness, headaches, and in life-threatening cases, death may occur. 

The Dryer is Unable to Dry 

If your dryer exhaust is out of order, your appliance may take more time than usual to complete the cycle. Sometimes, it runs many times to accomplish the job. The reason is that the sensor in your dryer is likely to shut down as the generated heat is unable to escape into the outside air. In this case, you may experience a musty odour and prolonged dryer times. 

High Utility Bills 

If your dryer cannot dry properly, taking more time for its job, switching on and off frequently, consuming more energy than usual, then there is something wrong. This might cause an increase in the utility bills if not inspected and repaired on time. Hence, you must immediately seek the assistance of a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Lawrenceville. 

Invasion of Animals 

When the dryer is filled with lint, it may allow lint to crutch open the vent cover. This part of the appliance designed for hot air escape is located outside of your home. Hence, this accumulation may crutch it open, letting animals (especially mice) enter the system. 

Timely Replacement of Dryer 

Excessive deterioration of the dryer can reduce the total lifespan of the machine. A dryer is an expensive appliance and can last for many years if used properly. Good care will not only keep the appliance functioning smoothly and efficiently but also guarantee its long lifespan.  

Alarming Signs of Clogged Vents 

As a responsible homeowner, a few things are considered for a dryer ventilation system that may specify that your vents are blocked. 

Wet Clothes After the Cycle 

While the dryer’s incapacity to dry up completely is an issue, it is also an indication of blocked vents. If you feel that your dryer is taking more time than usual for the normal drying cycle or running multiple cycles to get the desired results, it needs your attention. This is a clear sign of a clogged vent. 

You Sense a Burning Smell 

If you sense an unusual burning smell coming out from, you’re the space where your dryer is placed; it is an alarming sign. The heated air that should escape is being accumulated inside. Excess heat build-up is causing a burning smell. You should not ignore and immediately call a Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Lawrencevillefor diagnosis and repair in this scenario. 

Extremely Hot Dryer 

It is a fact that the dryer will heat up when used, but excessive heating is not a good sign. If your dryer is boiling, it may be because of a stoppage in the airing system. 

Lint is Bulging Out of the Vent 

If lint is bulging out of the vent, it is a high probability that it is rapidly making its way into the ventilation system. It would help if you never ignored this alarming sign of a jammed vent. Immediate cleaning is required to resume the normal functioning of the dryer. 

Role of Dryer Cleaning for a Stable Temperature 

The facts above clearly show that jammed vents are closely associated with a rise in the dryer’s temperature. This temperature rise may lead to greater wear and tear, prolonged drying cycles, higher energy bills, and reduced lifespan. Hence, frequent vent cleaning is crucial to maintain a stable temperature of the appliance and surroundings. 

Advantages of Cleaning The Dryer

Prevents Housefire Risk

As lint is extremely flammable, when it comes in contact with extreme heat can cause hazardous housefires. The USA Fire Administration state that more than 80 % of house fires are caused due to jammed vents.   

Better Health

If vents are clean, they will not release poisonous fumes, which are harmful to individuals’ health and well-being. 

Save Cost 

Annual cleaning of vents means the efficient functioning of the dryer. This can save your utility bills up to 30%. 

Longer Lifespan 

Yearly cleaning of vents ensures that your dryer experiences less wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan. 


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