8 Steps to Build Successful Freelance Website Step by Step Guide

Are you a freelancer and looking for a guide that will teach you to build a website that works? You’re at the right place, as we’ll share all the necessary steps you need to take while creating a freelance website. In this digital era, whether it’s a logo design agency or a clothing brand, every business needs a powerful online presence. 

There is no denying that social media accounts play a significant role in increasing brand awareness, but they are not enough to attract customers to your business. To tell your story engagingly and turn strangers into potential buyers, you need a well-designed, interactive website for your business. So, are you ready to create a freelance website? Let’s explore the steps.

Select Template

Think of making a special cuisine. You need a perfect recipe to come up with the best taste. If you miss anything or add something extra, it can ruin your time and effort. Similarly, you need an ideal layout for your freelance website. For instance, if you’re a freelance designer and looking to open a logo design agency, the first thing you need to do is to answer a few questions before building a website.  

template sample

What elements do you need to make your site look attractive? What will be the first thing that visitors interact with after landing on your site? What you need to do to make visitors spend more time on your site? Consider all these questions before creating a site. It’ll help you select the best template for your website and customize it as per your needs.

Give Your Site a Name

Done with selecting a template? Great! Now it’s time to move to the next big step, i.e., choosing a domain name. List down different names and check which among them are available. Make sure that your business name stands out as it’s the name that clicks the audience. If you’re a logo design agency, make sure that your domain name indicates that you’re a designer.  It will help visitors get an idea of what kind of services you’re providing. 

Create a Logo

You might have been working without a proper name or logo until now, but now you need a name and logo that stand out and make people recognize you. After locking the name, you need to create a unique logo representing your brand in the best possible way. You can make it on your own using a free DYI logo maker, but if you want to give a professional touch, search for the best logo design agency or team up with an expert freelance designer. 



However, if you’re a designer, you know the importance of a unique logo design. Besides, smartly choose the color palette, typography, slogans, and imagery for your website as these elements play a vital role in the branding process. 

Don’t Include Extra Pages

Think of all the services you want to provide through your freelance website. Organize all the information and create different pages. There is no limit when it comes to creating web pages, but make sure that all the pages are relevant. Generally, all websites have some standard pages, including Homepage, Products/Services, About Us, Reviews, Projects, and Contact.  

Include Elements That Enhance Your Website

As a freelancer, all you have to attract the audience on a large scale is a website. So, make sure that your freelance website is among the top and offers the best visuals to visitors. To enhance your website looks, include relevant design elements. Don’t overwhelm your website with too many design elements, but only add the ones that fit well to the layout. 

If you’re looking to launch a logo design agency, we suggest adding parallax scrolling, custom grids, hover effects, and animation. However, make sure that all of these elements are relevant and leave a lasting impression on first-time visitors. 

Include Innovative Chat bot

Starting a freelance business means you need to handle everything yourself, from keeping your website updated to dealing with customers. To lessen your burden, incorporate the chatbot into your site. In this way, you can respond to visitors in real-time. Besides, you can install a scheduling tool to take orders, collect payments, and send automated emails. What’s more? Get an analytics tool for your website to keep an eye on your site performance and make improvements if needed.  


Write Blogs

To make your website more engaging and user-friendly, start writing informative blogs. It will not only make visitors stay on your website but also come in handy in SEO practices. The dispersal of information will bring new visitors to your website. The more people know about your website, the more you become popular. Now you might be thinking about how a blog will work for a logo design agency. Always remember that there is a huge number of audiences that google design-related information daily.  


In this competitive world, you need to work smarter instead of working harder. In the digital marketplace, you won’t get customers if you don’t invest time and effort in SEO. It’s evident that you want people to come across your business, and to achieve this goal, you need to follow SEO practices that will help you rank the website higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

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