best breed dogs for kids

If you are planning to bring a dog at home but you also have a big family, which has kids too. You have to make the right decision to bring a dog specially that can fit your family with kids. The reason why it is so important is that dogs have personalities and different behaviour. 

On the other hand, kids also have different energy levels and demands, so choosing a dog with kids can be challenging. It is important to understand the fact that you should have a best dog breed that perfectly fits your family as well as your kids can also adjust with the new member.  

Choosing the right breed of dog will help you train your dog easily and you do not have to worry about a few things. No matter which breeds your training is crucial to improve behaviour and to maintain discipline. 

Teaching your dog how to behave at home as well as when you go out with your family is very important. Keep full control of your dog while you are out with your family to avoid any mishap. The best way to control your dog during outdoor family picnics is with the use of the collar. Always keep multiple collars with you when you take your dog out, so if any accident happens you have a spare collar to overcome any accident.

However some of the best dog breeds you can have with kids are as follows: 

  • Golden Retriever

Most people think it is not the best pick to keep as a pet but for families this breed is perfect. The golden retriever is a friendly and sweet dog to keep, as it can easily adjust to your family. It has a gentle nature and training this dog is quite easy. 

The best thing about this dog is it can adjust to any size of the family. No matter, you have a big house or small this dog can be a perfect fit for your house. Besides this, few things that you need to consider before getting this dog is it sheds more than average. As well as this dog requires a lot of practice. 

Complete research before buying this dog will be a great help. Overall, it is a perfect breed of dog to keep if you have kids.

  • Beagle 

If you are in search of a gentle, kind, and curious puppy breed then having a Beagle can be your perfect pick. The Beagle dogs enjoy the company of people or other pets too. So, keeping this pet means it can easily adjust with your kids. 

The maintenance of this dog does not require much effort as well as it is easy to care for and to groom. Thus, with kids, you do not have to spend too much effort or time to make this dog look presentable. 

  • Collie

The fact that makes Collie a perfect breed to keep with your family is its loyalty and intelligence. You can never go wrong with this breed of dog as it has all the qualities you are looking to have in a dog. They adore kids, love to socialize with them as well as they are the calmest dogs you can keep. 

Being highly intelligent this dog is easy to train. Collie can adjust with your kids easily and he loves to spend time with kids. So, if you are still planning to bring a dog then you must give this dog a try. 

  • Boxer

If you are looking for a dog that can easily blend well with your family and kids then none other than Boxer will be your perfect pick. The appearance of this dog shows that it is a muscular and tough dog but in reality, it is a gentle dog. The friendly nature of the boxer allows him to blend with children easily. 

The best thing is they can adjust to any environment, so you do not need to worry if you should keep this dog with kids or not. As well as it requires less grooming, which means with kids it is easy to manage this dog.

  • Poodle 

Being attractive and beautiful the best thing about Poodle dogs is you can keep them even if you are allergic to pets. It is a unique fact about this dog that its coat is hypoallergenic, which is safe to keep at home with kids. 

Poodles has various sizes and different colors, which makes it more attractive. Besides this, it is easy to train. So, with kids at home, you can easily keep this dog.


Mentioned above is a list of dogs you can keep if you have kids at home. As with kids you have to be extra thoughtful and careful while keeping a pet especially a dog. So, the dogs that can easily fit with your big family are the best to keep at home. For this, the above-mentioned dogs can be your perfect pick. 

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