Perfect Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians

Choosing the perfect gift for someone needs a lot of careful thinking. You would want to give something that would truly be appreciated and won’t just end up in the storage box. One of the best ways to choose the right gift is by looking into the person’s preferences. 

If you’re looking for a gift to give a horse lover or equestrian friend, the best choices would be something related to their hobby, horses. Many people would think that it is difficult to find a good horse-themed gift. However, there are actually plenty of choices out there. Here are some of the best horse-themed gift ideas your friend would surely love. 

Customized Horse Portrait

While regular horse portraits are nice, horse lovers would appreciate it more if you gift them a custom portrait of their own horse. You could choose from a variety of sizes, depending on your budget. What makes this a great gift is that it could be a good conversation starter especially when it is placed in the receiving area. Aside from that, a horse portrait would also serve as a beautiful memento when their horse grows old. 

Tickets to an Equine Event

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy expensive things as a gift. A fun experience with you is also a great gift for someone special. For a horse lover, they would surely appreciate attending a fun equine event for free. It could be a rodeo, an expo, or any other horse-related event. Aside from the sights, it would also be a memorable experience when you go there together. 


If you’re looking for something elegant as a gift, why not go for horse-themed accessories and jewelleries? They may be a bit challenging to find but would surely be appreciated by the recipient. There are plenty to choose from such as a horse ring, horse pendant necklace, key chains, and many more. When choosing jewelleries, always check the item for quality and durability since these items don’t come that cheap. 

Customized Horse Plushie

Aside from a customized painting, you could also gift a customized plush version of their favourite horse. There are times when they will be away from their horse and having a mini plushie version of their beloved buddy would surely bring a smile to their face even though they are apart. They could take it anywhere they go, especially when they can’t bring their horse with them. 

Monthly Gift Box Subscription

Who wouldn’t want to receive a monthly gift box full of goodies for their horse? If you have the budget, you could go extra by gifting them a paid subscription of a monthly horse gift box. Aside from the excitement of receiving something every month, gift boxes are also practical since it is full of items that they could really use in taking care of their horse.

You can be sure that your gift will surely be appreciated when you choose from the best gift ideas mentioned above.

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