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This year, don’t just keep scrolling on your devices. It’s about time you take back the pure pleasure of the summer that you wait all year to experience outdoors. Since the weather is nice enough to socialize outside, catching up for your next outdoor gathering for an outdoor sport might be a nice idea. So, when you are looking to enjoy outdoors, then try these following games:

Giant checkers and tic tac toe: whether you have spent the last few months in self-isolation mastering checkers or you are playing it for the first time, you can take it outside with its giant kit. You can take this kit to the beach to play with your friends and children. This game is effective in making your outdoor gatherings more fun. 

Bocce ball: it is one of the easiest and most competitive games you could play outdoors. This game is played with eight huge balls and a smaller ball called pallina. The aim is to have your ball land as near to the pallina as possible. While it takes little-to-no skill or effort, seeing your ball land right next to the pallina and then glide 10-feet away can surely get you excited!

Croquet: as a keen golfer, croquet is something that you would love to set up in the backyard and play with your friends and family. You need to hold the club and take an aim as you hacked away, trying to get the ball through the small hoops. It is a fun game that is suitable for all ages. 

The pocket shot: who doesn’t like stacking up cans and shooting them down with a slingshot? Well, we all love doing that. It is a fun game for playing outside with friends and family. The pocket shot is a round slingshot that shoots two or three times the speed of a regular slingshot. It is very tiny and will easily fit in your pocket. 

Pickleball: whether it is an outdoor double date or a neighbourhood competition, everyone is gushing about pickle ball. This game is similar to tennis but played on a badminton-sized court with special paddles a Wiffle-esque ball. So get out of your house and play the game that no one can stop talking about.  

Football: it is the most popular game across the globe. It is an outdoor game that needs pure athleticism as players have to hustle and run across the field with the ball throughout the game. The name of the game was derived from the way it is played. Football is a outdoor game that help you maintain your physical fitness, but if you want to improve your brain power, you can play fantasy football online and make money out of it.  

Kubb Viking clash toss game set:  if you are looking for yard games for adults, that is a cross between horseshoes, bowling, and corn hole, this game is your best bet. It is easy and super fun to play in the backyard and beaches. The general objective of the game is to knock over the tiny wooden blocks, called Kubbs, on the opposite end of the playing field with the cylindrical batons. Then knocking up the King Kubb after all of the baselines and field Kubbs are beaten over.

Four square volleyball: if you are wondering which game to play in your next barbeque session, then this game will be the central event of your next gathering outdoors. The rules are the same as four squares, but rather than hopping it in someone else’s square; you pin it. Try this crazy game in your next get together to make it more fun. 

Corn-hole: it is one of the famous outdoor games that will never fail you to offer excitement. It is a fun and relaxing game that one could play with a cocktail in one hand and a discussion going at all once. In this game, a bean bag is tossed played in teams in which each player has to do their best to throw their bean bag into the slot on the board. You can score one point for the bag dock anywhere on the board, two points for it hanging off the edge, and three for making it in. Moreover, you can get pretty boards with the family name printed on them. 

Spike ball: it is one of the ultimate outdoor games, as it can be played in the year, on the beach, and even in the pool. This game will surely get you adrenaline rush as you have to be quick on your feet to hit the ball onto the trampoline in the midst of the players before it gets away from you. Try this fun game while going outdoors seeking fun. 

Bucket ball: let’s acknowledge that playing beer pong in a crowded basement really misses its glory after too many balls roll under the couches. You can make an upgrade by trying out bucket ball. It is like the traditional beer pong, but with larger buckets and a tennis-sized ball. You can play it with or without alcohol. But alcohol makes it harder, funnier, and a fun outdoor game for the adults. If you have twenty buckets lying around, don’t hesitate to make it large and play with a basketball. 

Horseshoes: spend those sunny days stoically pointing your aim with this horseshoe set — no sandbox required. This game always makes to the list of the best outdoor games. For this game, you need two stakes, two horseshoes, and lots of persistence to secure the horseshoes around the stake. This game is not as easy as it looks if you have never played it before. It will nostalgically take you back to the little honky-tonk bars with open doors and plenty of ice-creams. 

The Bottom line

Outdoor games are fun and good for overall physical and mental health. Our list includes exciting and easy games that anybody can play and enjoy. So, pick your favourite game from the list and play it on your next family picnic or your family get together for low-key entertainment.

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