latest designer sarees collection 2021

Sarees have been in the Indian tradition since forever. Many Indian women prefer saree over other daily wears and sarees are considered to be the typical attire worn for special occasions like festivals and weddings. We even see Indian celebrities wearing sarees at events. This means sarees never go out of fashion even though they have a history that goes back to more than a hundred years. The reason for this is that modified designs and new ways of styling sarees keep coming out every now and then so women belonging to every culture and era can wear saree and look fabulous.

This article mentions the latest designer sarees collection of 2021 for women in the modern era: 

Woven silk sarees 

Woven silk sarees are basically hand-loomed and weaved by expert weavers in India whose generations have been doing this work since the Mughal Era. Even after the introduction of machinery in the fashion/clothing industries, these laborers stuck to their manually done work, and yet their work is matchless. As obvious by the name, woven sarees are made on silk fabric. It typically takes around a month to produce one of these masterpiece sarees. The woven silk sarees are to be worn on occasions and not casually as they are considered to be fancy. 

Linen Cotton Saree

As India has an overall warm climate, linen cotton saree is a must-have for women who like to include linen cotton saree in their daily wear. The reason is because the linen-cotton sarees are casual because of their fabric and are not suitable to be worn at festivals and parties. Cotton and linen both, are breathable fabrics and are perfect for summers as they keep you cool and calm.

Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi Sarees have been in the Indian culture since the Mughal time and their designs resemble Mughal art. They are composed of a unique Banarasi texture that comes from a city of India, in the territory of Uttar Pradesh. Banarasi sarees can’t be worn casually because it is a vigorously weaved saree. They are typically the best option for Indian ladies for a wedding. 

Chanderi Sarees

Cotton or silk fabric is used in their production and it has a sheer and glossy texture. Its designs mainly revolve around coins, peacocks, or geometrical shapes. These sarees are recognized all around India and even in some other areas around the globe. If a chanderi saree is made of silk fabric, it can be worn formally whereas if the material of the saree is cotton, it can be included in your everyday wardrobe.

Mysore Silk Saree 

The Mysore silk saree is perhaps the most costly saree among the most recent collection of Indian sarees. Its high cost is basically the direct result of the yarns used to weave the saree which contain some proportion of gold and silver.

Georgette Sarees 

The immense popularity of georgette sarees is due to their toughness and quality being superior to chiffon. It highlights the curves of your body and draws out the excellence in you. It is marginally less expensive and available in numerous designs, colors, and prints.

Chikankari Sarees 

The history of chikankari sarees goes back to over four hundred years. The fabric used in the making of chikankari sarees is extremely soft and resembles a Muslin cloth. Wearing this type of sarees adds a royal touch to your overall look because of the quality and texture of the fabric.

Patola Sarees

Patola sarees are made up of silk fabric and they are designed using an Indonesian technique for decoration. The technique is known as Ikat. The patola sarees are made with a lot of hard work and much effort is put into it which is why they are considered to be highly expensive. In the older times, only the ladies belonging to the royal families were seen wearing them and even now, there are only a bunch of people that can afford to wear a patola saree buy them. This is one of the reasons this type of saree is considered to be rare and unique since it is not as common as the rest of the types. 

Phulkari Sarees

The word phulkari comes from the word “phool” which means flowers. Phulkari sarees are a specialty of Punjab and as it can be guessed by its name, the designs of phulkari sarees mainly revolve around floral and leafy patterns. Phulkari sarees are usually worn by women in Punjab as it represents their culture and gives appreciation to their traditional work. 

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees are one of the most common types of Sarees worn in India because of the fantastic drape that it gives. They are easily available in the market as well as online at reasonable rates and a wide variety of prints and colors.

Wearing a saree adds a bonus to Indian beauty as women wearing their cultural dresses adds charm to their personalities. All of these sarees are immensely popular among modern ladies whether they want to wear them on a formal occasion or just want to include sarees in their daily wear wardrobe. Due to the increasing demand and shift to a more digitalized era, almost each of these Sarees can easily be found online as well.

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