Is Cannabis Safe for Senior Citizens

Cannabis popularity among older adults in Canada is growing! In fact, recent research shows that 26% of Canadians aged 65 years or older use cannabis products. With this number growing each day, some people have been wondering whether it’s safe for older adults to use cannabis-related products. This post will discuss the safety and uses of cannabis among the elderly and look at one cannabis delivery service in Canada.

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Is it safe for older adults to use cannabis products?

One of the most controversial questions about cannabis is whether the compound is safe for senior citizens.

The answer is Yes and No. Yes, cannabis is safe for the elderly if used appropriately and in the right amounts. Also, a cannabis compound called CBD is widely known for its health benefits among senior citizens.

However, cannabis may be unsafe for the elderly if it is misused. For instance, taking high amounts of cannabis rich in THC may lead to anxiety and other health problems. As we age, our mind and body functions start to slow down. In turn, this may affect how THC affects us. For instance, the compound will worsen the condition of the elderly with poor lung health.

Necessary: Buy your cannabis products from authorized retailers to be safe and reduce side effects. Also, take the recommended amounts of cannabis to avoid health complications.

Using cannabis properly will likely benefit the elderly in different ways, as discussed below.

Benefits of cannabis for senior citizens

Research shows that people have used cannabis to treat their diseases for at least 3000 years. And over the years, researchers have suggested that older adults may use cannabis to treat and manage some ailments.

Here are a few health benefits of cannabis for senior citizens:

1. Chronic Pain

Researchers over the years have studied the benefits of medical cannabis for people. Their research has looked closely at the application of cannabis to treat chronic pain, which is common among the elderly in Canada, affecting more than 38% of them.

Most studies have found that consuming cannabis stimulates the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, reducing pain levels. So, older adults suffering from chronic pain may rely on cannabis products to relieve pain.

2. Cancer Treatment

Research states that oral cannabis products can help reduce nausea and the need to vomit during chemotherapy. Thus, the elderly with cancer may rely on this compound to alleviate these symptoms.

Other research studies show that cannabis may kill or slow down the growth of some cancer cells.

Note: too much cannabis can hurt your blood cells.

3. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common health issue among older adults. This is because most risk factors for epilepsy are common in older adults, including head injuries, strokes, and brain tumors.

Research shows huge promise for cannabis products in treating epilepsy. In the United States, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of CBD to treat epilepsy. CBD is one of the most prominant substances of cannabis.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

The elderly may use cannabis products to treat late-onset multiple sclerosis. The compound relieves older adults with chronic pain and sleep disorders due to sclerosis disease.

Choosing a Cannabis Delivery Service in Canada

Gone are the days when cannabis products were rare and difficult to find. Today, you can buy cannabis from local shops and, more efficiently, from cannabis delivery services.

Cannabis delivery services offer people higher flexibility. The services allow you to order cannabis products delivered to your doorstep. But with so many online cannabis vendors available in Canada, finding the perfect delivery service can be daunting.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a cannabis delivery service in Canada:

1. Product availability

Cannabis products come in many forms and strains. You’ll want to choose a delivery service provider with as many products varieties as possible.

2. Customer satisfaction

You’ll want a delivery service provider concerned about you and your wellness. You may check customer reviews online, on social media profiles, or ask a friend about their experience with the weed delivery services.

3. Safety

Consuming contaminated cannabis can be risky for senior citizens. Most of them have underlying medical issues and will likely be affected by the slightest contamination of cannabis products.

So, to safeguard your health, look for certified cannabis delivery service providers. That way, you’ll reap maximum benefits from the products.

4. Delivery hours

If you are engaged during the day, you’ll want to choose a delivery service provider with a flexible schedule. This way, you can get orders in the evening or at night

The Bottom Line

Cannabis use among older adults is rising in Canada. But is the compound safe for this age group of citizens? Used correctly and responsibly, especially with the guidance of medical professionals, yes!

Companies like Mamba Budds deliver safe and quality products to your home, so you can start your cannabis treatment on your terms and schedule.

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