HP 14s Core i3: Minimum Budget Laptop

The purchase price of the laptop is reasonable, more so as it comes from a top tier manufacturer. The Intel i3 10th Gen processor together with SSD storage and 8 GB DDR4 Ram makes it a fabulous budget end notebook. In my everyday use, I didn’t face any issue with the notebook, MS Office 2019 life time version makes the deal even better for most of the users. If one can look beyond the ordinary display and other knit pickings, HP 14s Core is a good laptop in my opinion.

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Performance & Battery Life: HP 14s Core i3

The Laptop performs pretty well in normal day to day and doesn’t exhibit any lag or heating issue. However, the notebook does struggle while performing graphic intensive tasks or even while gaming. One should notice that this is not a gaming notebook and shouldn’t have very large expectation regarding the same. The laptop boots pretty fast, as a result of the faster SSD provided on this notebook. Though the keyboard isn’t backlit. It’s well spread out with decent key travel which makes typing a pleasure on this Laptop. Trackpad also works flawlessly on this notebook.
HP 14s Core is a decent product for Individuals searching for an affordable, fast & snappy notebook for workplace or academic related work. The notebook is just about ideal for ordinary use and multimedia intake. But it isn’t intended for gamers or even for content creators involved with video editing related work. Ram on this laptop is not upgradeable and even the SSD storage is restricted to 256 GB. However, for basic use this shouldn’t create any issue.
HP has provided all of the ports on this notebook including a type-C port. Even though the port can’t be used for charging the notebook. In terms of connectivity, Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi 5 service is available on this laptop.

The demand for a performance-oriented laptop has increased manifolds due to the pandemic situation. During my research, I came across the new HP Budget 14s Core i3 notebook computer. It’s a budget laptop which includes impressive hardware specifications, adequate to meet the requirement of a normal user.
Formerly, I had reviewed the Asus Ryzen 5 3500U notebook, a cheap yet powerful notebook. However, the laptop is little expensive compared to HP 14s Intel notebook computer.

The battery life on HP 14s Center is average, an individual can expect around 4-5 hours of battery life for moderate usage. Front firing speakers does a decent job in terms of sound output and quality.
HP 14s Core i3 is powered by the Intel i3 10th generation processor along with 8 GB Ram and 256 GB SSD storage. The laptop comes with Windows 10 & MS Office pre-installed. The MS Office 2019 comes with lifetime validity. Thus, one does not need to bother about the spending extra bucks for MS Office with this notebook.
Concerning price to performance ratio, HP 14s Core is a bang for the buck product. Even though HP has cut few corners to keep the cost down.

As discussed earlier apart from average display, the SSD storage is limited to 256 GB. However, an individual can use external drive if needed. Furthermore, even the Ram on this laptop is not upgradeable.

The entire built consists of plastic but the caliber used is good. The notebook does feel sturdy and one would should not face any problem with the build. The compact design together with decent build makes it a strong contender in this budget. Concerning display, HP 14s Center comes with 14′ inch HD WLED display with brightness level of 220 nits. NTSC Colour gamut at 45% means it isn’t the best with colour reproduction. The display quality and viewing angles is typical, considering the price range we can’t complain much.

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