best time to tree pruning

This has been a widely popular notion that the best period to prune the trees has been fall, especially when all four seasons are present. You would see in the fall the bright leaves start falling, and some of the limbs might look very odd. But we beware you that such assumptions could turn out to be a dangerous situation and might even kill your mature trees.

The fall is not the best time to prune tree. This is the time trees are getting prepared for dormancy and you would just be stealing all the good stuff of the leaves. If you just go blindly and start picking branches for cutting then you won’t see any success in the following season. 

Do not even think to touch the tree if there is no absolute reason to do the pruning in fall, just don’t. Save your tree some precious time with tree pruning Sydney once the tree is going through an actively growing phase in the early spring or completely dormant in the winter months.

The expert recommends that before you look to prune the lower branches or simply any other part of the tree, start by taking a good look at that part of the tree with the help of professionals so that your tree won’t be under any stress under the whole process.

  • Get the advice from an expert: Starting good tree care often backs with good knowledge and method. If you have no idea regarding the tree type standing in your yard or whether or not there will be any requirement for trimming, then you need to look into various factors before moving forward.
  • The best suggestion here is to get a piece of free advice from the local tree experts. Some of these experts are certified arborists or horticulturists on staff. They would provide you an offer of advice in their field of experts regardless you are living in an urban or rural area. There are various ways to find the expert online or in your local directories. 
  • On the other hand, you can also look up to any qualified tree care company to come to your place and get done with the assessment. They would provide helpful information to you about the health of your trees, which one has potential risk for your house during the storm or any disaster.
  • Selecting the pruning based on tree type: Most of the time the usual pruning session focuses on removing the infestation, diseased or dead branches, weak parts, and this can be done at any time of the year without putting it under any stress. However, pruners should be aware of one fact that growth and wound closure are heightened if you decide to prune during later winter before a spring growth spurt. 
  • The wounds your tree face with pruning can spread diseases. For example, an oak tree suffers damage from oak wilt. With a single cut the way the tree grows changes so you have to be very careful every time you cut a branch for no reason. Look to get branch collar cuts during pruning.
  • The carelessness is often shown by the homeowners who look to remove the dead branches so that they can make their tree look better and have strong growth. They also take the risk to remove heavy branches that pose a potential threat to you or your property during a

Let’s look at the different type of trees and what is the best time to get the pruning done:

1.Deciduous Trees:- These are the types of trees that shed their leaves every year no matter what. For them to be pruned, take the measured steps during late fall to winter. This is because once they enter their dormant season it is very easy to set the complete framework of the branches and you would see that insects and diseases have now completely left.

2.Young Trees:- These are the trees on which you can focus for developing a strong and good shape with the collective measurable methods of pruning. It has been seen in the past that the good care of the trees, while they are young, would put them into a situation where they will need extra trimming once they are mature.

3.Subtropical Trees:- For the areas that see good growth of the tree is an excellent growing environment and would see the trees trim year-round. They work constantly to replace the lost tissues and get the source in plenty good quantity during the sunshine and water apply all the 12 months.

4.Flowering Trees:- Such trees need pruning once the blooming is done as stated by the tree experts. With a constant pruning schedule, the dead or dying branches will be taken care of effectively. However, the type of tree and weather might have different demands with the trimming.

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