Brands are Leaning Towards the Influencers

Importance of Fintech Brands and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has successfully infiltrated every marketing strategy for most brands and industries. It has most dominantly taken over the fashion, travel and lifestyle industry and is predicted to pave the path for more industry. More and more brands are opting for influencer marketing for its many benefits and convenience. Confluencr – India’s Largest Influencer Marketing Agency has many articles on all the advantages that influencer marketing provides. Click here to check them out. 

Just like any brand that is looking to create brand awareness and a long term customer base, fintech brands are also coming up to opt for influencer marketing. 

More fintech brands are teaming up with influencers and working on various social media platforms to promote their brand and services. With a dominant presence of social media, influencers are the best way to promote the brand and build loyal and long term customers. 

The values and ideals of these customers can be assessed through this marketing strategy and a more personalised approach can be taken to reach them or keep them satisfied. 

Real Life Examples of Top Fintech Brands Leaning Towards Influencers

As mentioned above many fintech brands are collaborating with influencers on different social media platforms to promote their brand, their services and also educate and create brand awareness. Their presence can be found all over different social media platforms. Let us look at some of the top fintech brands and how they are collaborating with influencer marketing. 

zopa feel good

Zopa and Instagram

Zopa is a top fintech brand that connects investors with borrowers. It is a person to person (p2p) based service that connects investors with small businesses seeking loans. Zopa’s ‘Feelgood Money’ campaign and social media strategy has been praised for making p2p loans actually accessible to people. Their social media presence has been noted to be educational about their brand and services. Their main platform where they have the most dominant presence is instagram. Besides having a great instagram of their own, they also indulge in collaborating with instagram influencers and personalise their brand promotion, with individual stories and experiences of the influencers.

Klarna and Unique Video Content

Klarna and Unique Video Content

Klarna is a fintech brand that allows people to buy products and pay for them on a later date. It connects the merchants directly to the customer. You may have heard of Klarna due their very successful social media campaign with Snoop Dogg. Klarna opted for youtube and video content for their social media campaign. Their videos ranked up millions of views and were on several trending pages. They adopted a very unique approach for their campaign which included videos with hip hop music, random objects and so on. This paid off as it made an otherwise boring topic of finance and financial services into something that was fun and fresh.

Robinhood and Podcasts

Robinhood and Podcasts

Robinhood is a space which allows people to invest in the stock market. Robinhood’s platform allows people to do this without paying for commission which democratizes the approach towards the stock market and their company was one of the first to do so. One of their most unique approaches for marketing is podcasts. While they have a strong social media presence and a good influencer marketing strategy, it is their podcasts that stand out. They have a daily newsletter and a podcast that lasts for 15 minutes. They market it as short financial news that is digestible for their audience. This podcast often features guest hosts and also collaborates with influencers from the financial industry.

Lemonade and a Two Way Influencer Collaboration

Lemonade and a Two Way Influencer Collaboration

Lemonade is a fintech brand that works around the field of insurance. The insurance they offer is for renters living in Germany, Netherlands and the USA. They are a fast and transparent brand that works efficiently. Other than being a transparent brand, they also have a significant social media presence through their influencer marketing. Their collaborations are often two with sponsored posts as well as their employees participating in channels by influencers. Their own VP of communication has appeared on a podcast called ‘Fintech Marketing Podcast. They also have an instagram that has often been described as ‘strangely relaxing.’ It is definitely a fresh and unique approach towards their marketing strategy. 


Promoting one’s brand and creating a strong branding is not an easy feat. It takes time and effort and the right decisions. Being unique and creating a campaign that is centred towards the needs of your customer is the right path to promoting your brand.  It shows that your brand values your customers. S

ocial media and influencers are often quite engaged with their audience enough to know what the target audience wants. This is one of the sole reasons why influencer marketing is so successful and why more and more fintech brands are leaning towards influencers and influencer marketing.

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