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We all know cracking a government exam is no bed of roses. Candidates burn candles at both ends while preparing for the government exams. Why do candidates devote months of preparation to clear government exams? Cracking these exams is the only way to grab an esteemable job in a government department. From handsome salaries to luxurious amenities, you can savour a number of privileges after securing a government job. Note that you can’t earn these many things easily. You need to tunnel through tough exams and interview sessions. 

Every year a throng of candidates appear for the SSC CGL exam. The Staff Selection Commission of India is the managing body of this exam. Apart from SSC exams, candidates also appear for banking exams, defence exams, civil services exams etc.

Here we have embellished golden tips for candidates that can help them crack government exams:

It is essential to know the strategic ways to prepare for the government. You can’t stay insouciant to these ways while preparing for any government exam. To assist candidates, we have given suitable tricks and tips in this article.Here you can also read more about the Best SSC Coaching in Delhi.

  • Go through exam details

Every year the government keeps on changing the examination criteria. Before you start preparing for the exam, make sure you know every little detail of the exam. Firstly, search for the eligibility criteria. If you fulfil eligibility criteria, apply for the exam. Afterwards, your main task is to gather the latest information on exam criteria and pattern. The official online portals of exam conducting bodies can provide reliable information on it. It can help you structurize your study routine. 

  • Adhere to systematic routine

Without a doubt, you have to set a systematic routine for exam preparation. So, prepare a suitable timetable for yourself to prepare for the exam. Plan every hour of the day. Line up the important tasks of the day, then slice off every task that doesn’t add to exam preparation. Make sure that you give equal importance to every section of the exam. Moreover, never plan to study for long hours in a day. Instead, break your study routine into small chunks. You can study continuously for 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute break. This way you can prepare for the exam with less stress and burden.

  • Pick study material from different sources

Study material is heart and soul for government exam preparation. Make sure you choose study material that is enough to cover the exam syllabus. Also, don’t rely on the study material from a single source. Instead, you can arrange study material from different sources to prepare well. Additionally, there are various online websites that can provide you with appropriate study material for exams. Seek help from candidates who have already cleared any government exam. It is advisable not to hoard irrelevant books, as it can befuddle you.

  • Make proper notes

While preparing for the theoretical subjects, it’s vital to prepare notes. For practical subjects like quants and reasoning, you can make brief notes on short tricks and formulas. Note making can help you retain hard concepts easily. Additionally, these notes can help you revise during the last hours of preparation. Therefore, notes are not only helpful in memorising concepts, it helps during revision time as well. Moreover, try to prepare hand written notes instead of using any digital device.  

  • Pay no heed to distractions

It’s normal to feel distracted while studying. However, it’s essential to do every possible effort to get rid of distractions. Nowadays, the biggest source of distraction is a smartphone. So, try to keep your phone silent when you sit to study. Additionally, you can shun social gatherings during your preparation phase. Doing this can help you improve your focus while preparing for the government exam. Moreover, it can multiply your productivity during your exam preparation.

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  • Choose disturbance-free place to study

It is important to pick a suitable area for study where you can feel least disturbed while studying. Make sure the room where you study is properly ventilated. Additionally, keep your study space clean and free from mess. Also, keep electronic devices away from your study area. This way you can keep yourself away from distractions while preparing for the exam. You can also tell your family and friends to not call you when you are studying.

  • Do enough practice

Sheer learning is not enough while preparing for the government exams. You need to dedicate enough time for practicing questions as well. The best way to practice a variety of questions is by solving mock tests. Practicing mock tests can help you improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of negative marking in government exams. It is recommended to solve at least 2 mock tests every day.

  • Take care of your health

Note that you can’t sacrifice your health in the pursuit of performing well in the exam. So, make sure you maintain good health during your preparation period. Consume nutritious food that is rich in proteins and vitamins. Also, intake enough water to keep yourself mentally active. Try not to consume caffeinated and sugary food items. Additionally, you can add exercise to your daily schedule. A good diet with a regular exercise routine can keep you mentally active.

  • Keep yourself calm and optimistic

Preparing for the government exams is a daunting task. You need to go through tough preparation that can be mentally exhausting. So, make sure you keep yourself positive all the time. You can maintain a positive attitude simply by adhering to following ways:

  • Meditating daily
  • Listening to inspirational podcast
  • Watching motivational movies.
  • Meeting successful people
  • Listening to soothing music. 

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A majority of youngsters in India aim to secure a government job. To grab a government job, they have to walk a path that involves rigorous hard work. However, they can prepare for the exam easily by following the aforementioned tips religiously.

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