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You get overwhelmed with emotions, when you decide to be your own boss. Running a successful company, making appropriate decisions, setting your own hours and working as per your own conditions comes with a certain amount of excitement. But there’s also the fear of failing and you don’t know whether you’ll succeed or not. It’s scary to think that your company will fail, leaving you jobless and in a heap of debt. Of course, there is always a risk factor in every business venture. There are ways to relieve some of the burden so you can concentrate more on launching and promoting the business and less on the logistics of starting from scratch, depending on your comfort level. 

There are significant distinctions between franchise and own business. One type of business can provide you with statistics, figures and performance rates, while the other could have numerous unknown variables, compelling you to do all the legwork. If you are a novice to the business industry then investing in Coaching Institute Franchise can help you yield high profits. 

 Here is a list of some useful points that can help you make a decision:

While deciding to become an entrepreneur, you need to make a significant decision regarding whether to purchase a franchise or start a new business.

  • Brand recognition 

There are two categories of owners: those who expect an out of the box business and those who want to build and invent their own. When you choose to purchase a franchise, you’re buying into a company that already has a presence and momentum in its target market. When you prefer to set your own business, you’re in control of establishing your brand, developing your marketing system and growing your audience.

  • Legal disclosure

Franchises must provide meticulous details regarding their business  in provincially controlled documents. When purchasing an existing business from an individual, you have no way of knowing whether or not they can be trusted. It’s a real leap of faith and if your seller goes missing in action, you’ll have few recources. You have a fighting chance with a franchise because they are involved and present in the business.

  • Supplies and Equipment

It’s true to say that numbers have power. When it comes to franchising, manufacturers and trades have more clout and purchasing power. Essentially, the franchise has done the legwork for you, so you can rest assured that you will receive preferential pricing without sacrificing efficiency. As a business owner, you must shop around and do analysis to find the best deals on materials, machinery and contractors. Since there is only one company instead of dozens, you have less bargaining power.

  • Financing 

There is a strong distinction between franchising and running a company independently in terms of funding. You can start your own business on a shoestring budget, but if you purchase a franchise, you won’t be able to avoid the upfront costs. If you are planning to invest in franchise business then Education Franchise in India is a right choice for you.

  • Control and Decision Making

When you buy a franchise, you are a self- employed business owner who makes choices about your company based on the franchise model you purchased. Franchises excel because they are backed by proper research, a tried and true distribution system and a strong market presence. They have every right to make certain decisions because any action you take could jeopardise not only your business, but the franchise as a whole. 

If you don’t like following other people’s policies and procedures, and you’d like to have complete creative control over your company, including the ability to reinvent the wheel and make every decision on your own then you are not cut out for franchising.

  • Marketing 

With franchising, you gain access to the brand’s consumer reputation, which took time and a large advertising budget to establish itself. Thus, investing in franchise can help you save advertisement costs. On the other hand, if you start your own business then you would need to spend a heavy sum on advertisements. So, if you want to save your advertising expense, choose to invest in Coaching Institute Franchise.

  • Return on Investment

When compared to a franchise, the return on investment for own business will take a lot longer. People are already searching for you, if you are a franchise. Moreover, you start making good money the moment you open your doors. When you’re on your own, you have to work hard to improve your understanding. Also, customers aren’t always drawn to you right away.

  • Selection of a site

Franchises conduct suitable research for you, when it comes to selection of a site. They have long-term partnerships with site selection consultants and real estate agents, as well as years of experience in searching the best locations for the brand. They can offer valuable assistance with landlord lease agreements, among other things. When you prefer to run your own business, it’s up to you to find the best location for your company, deal with real estate agents and negotiate with landlords.

There are numerous types of franchise business in India. You can prefer to invest your sum in an Education Franchise in India, if your aim is to earn heavy profits. 


We hope this article has sparked some thought in you. It’s a critical business decision between two distinct business models. If you’re a self starter or a savvy investor who sees the value in operating proven franchises, becoming an entrepreneur can be a satisfying and fulfilling experience in either case.

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