Easy Stage 1 Performance Upgrades For A BMW

Are you a car enthusiast seeking to make Stage 1 upgrades to your BMW car? As you search for BMW performance parts, seek options that provide you with the best efficiency. By making factors like these a priority, you’ll have your car performing at its best level.

Top-quality upgrades for your BMW will enable it to be more productive on the road. These options also allow you to customize your car to meet your unique needs.

You’re likely thinking about how you can succeed at upgrading your BMW. Today, we’ll discuss the best Stage 1 BMW performance upgrades and how they can benefit you.

Stage 1 Engine Remapping

The first step in any BMW performance upgrade is for your car to undergo an engine remap. In this process, you would install different but compatible software to your engine’s computer. This allows you access to these engine settings:

  • Fuel components
  • Spark plugs
  • Timer
  • Turbocharger boost

With the proper adjustments, your car will stand to gain more power, which leads to better performance. You can perform a remap from a laptop with a diagnostics port in most BMW models. These options give you the capability to perform this task from any place.

Tuning Box

Some car models aren’t compatible with the engine remap process. Tuning boxes can help those types of car owners overcome issues like these. They function to adjust the signal between the software and the fuel system. These processes help enhance the amount of fuel injection so the engine can boost more pressure.

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With either of these options, your car will gain better performance on the road.

Air Intake Upgrades

You can also enhance your Stage 1 performance by upgrading your air intake system. As you begin the engine tuning process, controlling the temperature will help make your car more efficient.

Your car’s engine bay builds up substantial amounts of heat while you drive. When these events occur, your car’s performance may decrease. With a new air intake system, you can feed cold air to your engine. These processes will help your BMW run on a proper air/fuel mixture and allow it to breathe better.

If you have a newer BMW car, its air intake system should already work to your Stage 1 liking. For these scenarios, all you will need is to install a new, less constraining air filter into the airbox. With BMW performance parts like these, you’ll be able to achieve your goals on the track.

Cat-Back Exhausts

If you’re looking for a unique way to help your car gain power, a cat-back exhaust system may benefit you. With this type of exhaust system, the back section opens up so more gas can go through. As this process advances, you’ll add more air to the turbo.

By removing any obstacles in the exhaust, you’ll be able to increase your engine’s boost. By seeking these BMW performance parts, your car will gain more power. With more power comes a better on-track performance for your BMW.

Bolt-On Brakes

When it comes to bolt-on brakes, they can provide your car with the upgrades you need. One common mistake people make is seeking cheap brakes for their cars. While it might sound like a great idea, those brakes tend to be low-quality and can degrade fast. These events are more common if you’re on the race track.

With bolt-on brakes, you won’t have this set of problems. Even though they may cost you more, you’ll stand to gain the best performance for your BMW. Bolt-on brakes come with drilled discs that help dissolve the heat. They’ll also help your pads stay in contact more firmly when you perform massive break maneuvers.

As you choose top-quality BMW performance parts like these, you’ll enhance your car’s performance while staying safe on the track.


With the newest Stage 1 suspension systems, you can enable your car to perform substantial handling maneuvers. Here are some of the ways Stage 1 suspension systems can benefit you:

  • Better control of your car
  • Capacity to make a sudden stop
  • Efficient acceleration abilities
  • More firmness while making sharp turns at high speeds

Sway bars and coil rings can also help your car’s suspension system be firmer. With these Stage 1 BMW performance parts, your BMW will be more stable and productive on the road.

Light Alloy Wheels

One performance part many people tend to overlook is their car’s wheels. With light-alloy wheels, you can unlock the full potential of your BMW.  The lightweight version of these wheels helps you handle it more efficiently. They also help your suspension and brake system last longer as there is less pressure wearing down the hub.

As for the gaps in alloy wheels, they help provide more cooling for your brake system. These effects enable them to slow your car down more effectively.

When seeking light-alloy wheels, make sure they fit your budget and align perfectly with your suspension system. With these measures, you can help prevent your car from wearing down as you shift to a higher speed. You’ll also be on track to have the best on-track performance.

Choose BMW Performance Parts That Help Unlock The Potential Of Your Car

As you seek Stage 1 BMW performance parts for your car, look to make productiveness a priority. Top-quality Stage 1 upgrades will help your BMW be more potent and efficient. They also enable it to achieve new heights while on the road.

With proper BMW performance measures, you’ll gain the best value for your investment and transform the capabilities of your car.

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