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As a website owner, Are you aware of your competition? 

Nearly 1.5 billion websites are active online and that makes your website just another fish in the huge ocean of the online world. Hence, the only way to stay ahead of others and beat the competitors is to offer the best in every segment, especially in the UI/UX design field.  

With the recent shift to a virtual world, most businesses and people rely largely on digital and technology aspects for their day-to-day activities. The customers are in a constant rush to select the most efficient services for themselves. As a business entrepreneur, you can hit the bull’s eye, only if you succeed in capturing their attention in the first instance. It is only possible if you have a strong grasp on the ever-changing UI/UX design trends which caters to the varying taste of the users. So, if you are on the way to redesign your website all by yourself then make sure you are well-informed about the latest trends in the market so that you can leverage them to create an up-to-date, unique, visually appealing experience for your incoming users. 

In earlier times, marketing and user experience were seen as mutually exclusive courses of studies but changing times have raised strong interconnections between the impact of UI/UX design and how it positively influences people’s decision making. This little fact can help you score in the game, hence needs to be taken into account to boost engagement.  

One such trend which is gaining popularity in this changing landscape is the option of 

DARK MODE’ has left the users open-mouthed. Today most platforms 

including widely infamous brands like Google, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Apple have made their way onto the breathtaking dark mode design train. Thus, before you delay any further, note that your competitors are leaving no stones unturned to use this for themselves the best possible way. So, you need to thoroughly follow this trend which has the potential to reign 2021 and sits back to watch as you bank on this. So, quickly grab a cup of coffee, and as we go ahead to understand the intricacies of this blooming trend about to gain ground in 2021. 

Let’s switch the ‘ Dark Mode’ on  

Dark Mode and its Principles :

The dark mode is primarily a low-light setting design that mostly uses dark colors and shades as the background screen color. They are widely known for their functionality in lower light conditions which have a relaxing effect on the eyes while not compromising on the optimal grade of legibility and usability for the user. Adding on to it, it is an interchangeable feature where in most cases the preference to switch on or off the control icon for dark themes in any particular app or platform is left to the user’s personal choice. Usually, designers utilize dark grey as the predominant surface tone instead of 100% black for the dark UI setting while designing the website or any other platform incorporating variations of the Dark Mode idea.  

It’s the exact flip around of the default black typography on white background UI that we have been accustomed to ever since the beginning of the time. In response to our increased screen time and aversion to the traditional display, availability of a choice has been highly welcomed in the current times independent of the user’s age. Today, it has massively grown to help with the concerns regarding bright glares, eye strain induced headaches, and gone ahead to stimulate an easy on eye alternative that is tolerable, visually appealing especially as a working environment for the low-light or night time situations.  

History of Dark Mode:

You will be surprised to know that Adding dark themes to the UI design isn’t the latest innovation. The history of Dark themes is a matter of debate among researchers Travelling back in time to 1991 where apps ceased to exist, there have been several testimonials of people using Apple’s System 7 OS, known as CloseView which offered a classic version of dark theme. Evaluating the space outside of just operating systems, 

we have the early versions of photo editing software which are the golden examples of early usage of this model. The above-mentioned could be a little too old school for this generation to imagine, however, one spectacular sample are the infamous OG monochrome computer monitors with green text on the black background similar to the one featured in The Matrix.  

However, the dark vanished in the 80s in favor of the black-on-white format resembling the look of ink on paper. It was off the sight for nearly three decades until it made its first comeback in Windows Phone 7, in the year 2010. Once acknowledged for its biggest feature, namely better battery life, it emerged as the hottest design trend in 2018. Consequently, it was adopted across widespread platforms such as Android OS and Apple-based iOS, and iPadOS. 

This leads us to the biggest revelation for all the people out there who are going crazy lately over the dark mode: dark mode is a retro trend that has made its way with time. Understanding the roots discloses the probable reasons behind our adjustment to a dark-on-light approach which pushed the dark theme behind the screen. However, with today’s changing era, the relative advantages of the Dark Mode have made it a big hit and pushed us away from the traditional interface design. 

Advantages of using Dark Theme: 

1)Minimizes eye strain

People who spend a long period analyzing data on a screen or reading large amounts of content face the consequences of being in front of the screen. Many people suffer from a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which is amplified particularly in dimmed light or artificially lighted environments. This induces eye pain, blurry vision, headaches, and more than escalate over a period resulting in myopia. Dark mode has come out to be a savior to tackle the negative impacts on physical aspects while making the study of intricate charts and graphs supremely easy. 

2)Better Battery Life

Most digital gadgets are using OLED and AMOLED screens which have black pixels which best optimize the Dark Mode. The dark mode uses an increased number of black pixels, which forces the device to use less energy thereby saving approximately 63% power. For computer monitors and laptop screens, activation of dark mode filters out the blue light emitted by the backlight of the monitor.  

3)Greater Focus on Content

The content stands out a lot sharper on dark mode thus has an upper. hand over white light and other colors that tend to lose your attention. The dark mode gives UI a sharper look and simultaneously improves your attention span which helps you finish the task at hand relatively faster. The dark theme draws your focus on the main content area by letting it pop and makes the background almost non-existent. 

4)Gives an emotional boost

Dark mode UI users are topping the charts primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than other functional benefits. Dark colors usually stand for being modern, elegant, and stylish. Moreover, black is known for elegance, formality, prestige, and power which has a similar effect on the users. Dark mode except for being an effective field of presentation also carries a message for the users that they’re doing something a little healthier, which triggers a good feeling. Hence, most powerful brands build their visual presentation around dark dominating colors as a differentiator for their products, making them stand out among traditional competitors.

5)Connects the dots between real life and Digital Life

Dark theme UIs can seamlessly blend in around the clock to connect a user from their real-life to digital life. Some apps have a day and night mode, where the UI shows everything in a light theme and bright colors during the day and transitions to dark mode once the sun sets and the natural light fades away. This is much more convenient for the adjustment of eyes and gives an inclusive experience that connects us better to the application or platform.  

6)Adds a sense of Drama

Dark theme UI evokes drama as they effortlessly create a feel of mystery. You can use a dark background but with a bright, colorful image such that it stands out aggressively almost giving a 3d effect that is bold and luxurious. 

Currently, we are a part of the dark revolution, but before you rush out to switch to the dark theme, understand this user interface tactic intricately- – the good and the bad, dos and don’ts, to create the best possible experience for your user. Make sure you prioritize people’s preferences and give them the freedom to make the choice. And at the end of the day, if you are convinced that this is it, then without any delay jump in with both your feet to become a pioneer of dark mode.

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