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One of the positive notes during the pandemic is that many people were more audacious in their business plans to make it a reality. This has become very apparent not only in small cases, but even in big cities and progressive countries businesses have been good. 

Australia being one of the developed countries that has experienced several waves of the pandemic actually saw a silver lining in some of its industries and businesses.  If you are planning to establish your business on such models here are some of the most successful businesses in Australia today.  

Health Supplies

Needless to say, medical supplies have been one of the most booming industries in Australia today. Since many of the hospitals are at a constant need for medical and health supplies, industries have gained on the need by supplying the demand caused about by the surge of waves that the country has suffered. Also, it is good to note that since Australian businesses was able to meet the needs of its country economy is still good since the medical supplies will not be imported but is already covered internally. 

Online Shops and Services

Since many people do not want to go outside many online shops can be observed to be established in the Australian online platform. Many businesses from foods to goods have been reported to have risen in number because of the need to provide the exceeding demands from other businesses. Such that laybuy stores Australia have seen a rise in popularity giving people a different variety of experience in online shopping.  


The prediction was that during the pandemic the number of students and enrolees into schools and universities would drop down to less than 50% due to the financial and economic strain on each household and the fear that online platform of classes would not be effective. But this was proven wrong on almost two years of opening online classes, there has been seen a rise of number of enrolees on schools. 

With the impression that online class is better than repeating a year, many students and parents opt to have their children enrol on such makeshift platform but still hoping for a return to a new normal. But nevertheless, the education sector has seen a success in terms of profit.


Many of the goods that has been provided today in the market is manufactured by local industries. The reason for such is that as much as possible countries would want to keep the economy internally flowing in such cases that most of the manufactured goods are produced by local manufacturers. 

This creates an opportunity to earn for many struggling families and small businesses today, keeping it internal for the most part creates profit for the citizen which also keeps the economy alive. Regardless the manufacturing industry is benefiting a great deal from such economic plan. 

One should pattern towards these business models when trying to make a business of their own but they should also not be confined in a box, they should also innovate in other business models as well.

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