Best Physical therapy after a broken ankle

Physical therapy is a type of therapy generally used to get your body back in peak condition after an injury.

Say you are an athlete, and you get an injury, maybe a torn ligament or something a bit more serious; what do you then? Well, the chances are that you might need surgery to repair the torn ligament or follow a similar treatment recommended by your physician. But then maybe people report feeling out of sorts after surgery and not getting back to their feet as soon as possible due to this and other weaknesses and complications that arise in surgery cases.


A typical injury (sports injury) is normally treated by following the R.I.C.E method:

  1. Rest: After an injury, the first step is to stop what you are doing and lie down. Take a break from the activity that led to the injury. This will reduce the associated pain and discomfort that comes with an injury
  2. Ice: Apply ice packs to the injured regions liberally during the first few days of the injury to reduce pain and swelling.
  3. Compression: You should use an elastic medical bandage to wrap around the injured region. It would be best to wrap it loosely so blood flows. If it’s too tight,it will be counterproductive.
  4. Elevation: While taking a rest, the injured regionshould be raised, so it is higher than the chest region as that will reduce blood pressure and thus loss of blood

After applying these methods, the next step is usually surgery if the injury proves severeand the resident physician recommends it.

Most people have a problem dealing with the aftermaths of the surgery as a typical surgery can leave you feeling wonky, out of sorts, and unable to regain physical form in the shortest possible time, and that’s where a physical therapist comes into the picture.

A Physical therapist takes care of patients from the initial injury period to the therapeutic and preventive phase so that patients can get back to their feet as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the benefits/function of a physical therapist

  1. Facilitate rehabilitation from injuries
  2. Provide customized care for the patient
  3. Manage chronic injuries and ailments
  4. Reduce pain as much as possible
  5. Work with the patient to restore bodily functions as quickly as possible.

Physical Therapists do this by creating a custom fitness plan for the patient and help the patient follow the plan while walking them through the pain associated with recovery.

A common injury where therapists are needed is in ankle injuries. If this is your case, then a great place to treat this is at Petroski’s physiotherapy; we offer ankle therapy exercises to get you feeling better in no time. If you are in Philadelphia, do call us to book an appointment.

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